Stiftung Die Brücke zum Leben

Children's Home in Pischane

"We always wanted to have a big family with many children and a house with a garden,“ said the couple from Pischane, which is close to the city of Krementschuk in the Poltava area. "Now we have many orphans who not only live in our home but also in our hearts.“ Since the 23.08.2015 the family has space for up to 12 children and wants to provide for them a loving home and parental care, and by doing so to build a bridge for children without hope into a future worth living.

In order that the family can support themselves the foundation planted a small orchard and built a fresh-water well, so that they never will be without a good water supply. We also installed a second furnace that can be fired with coal and wood, which are much cheaper to come by in this area. This will help keep the cost for living down as well. The children are busy in the orchard and the vegetable patches in the garden. They are looking forward to the harvest.

A current picture of the family

Insights into the construction process and family life

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