Stiftung Die Brücke zum Leben

Children’s Home in Tarancuta

Tarancuta is a village in the Lapusna region, Cartemir district. It is 92 miles south of the capital Chisinau and has almost 900 inhabitants. At this place as well there are orphans longing for love and security. The hearts are moved; the means are lacking. Even in cases when parents are ready to open their hearts and their doors to orphans, they often don’t have enough living-space or finances to create a home for these children on their own efforts.

At this point the foundation comes into the life of these families and builds a beautiful house in which up to twelve orphans can start a new live filled with love, joy, and a family. In Tarancuta, a young couple has taken on this task. Many villagers celebrated the opening of the new Home on December 11th, 2019 together with the family, so from now on you can hear children’s laughter instead of construction machinery.

A current picture of the family

Insights into the construction process and family life

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