Stiftung Die Brücke zum Leben

Children’s Home in Stanzia Catranic

Stanzia Catranîc is a village in the Fălești region of Moldova with about 1200 inhabitants, about 90 miles from the capital Chisinau. In this place, in 2021, construction work began on a children's home, which in the future will be a place of security and love for 12 orphans. Many children in the state children's homes are predicted a certain future, such as poor schooling, crime and few prospects for their lives. The couple moving into this home wants to change that.


The parents are aware of the difficulties they face, as each child they take in brings with them their own history and personality. It is not uncommon for the children to go a long way in putting the past behind them, coming to terms with it, and regaining trust in those around them. This challenge is worth accepting, because it helps the orphans to build a bridge to their new life.

In November 2021, the family was allowed to move into the children's house, which will become a home for many children.


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