Stiftung Die Brücke zum Leben

Children's Home in Bozieni

Bozieni is a commune in the Hînceşti district of Moldova. The commune is situated very idyllically on the slopes of two hills and is only 35 km away from the capital Chisinau. About 2,400 inhabitants live in this rural village.

Just as the village is protected by the hills in the storms, parents should embrace their children and protect them in the storms of life. For this very reason, a children's house was built in this place, where orphans find a place of love and security.

A brave pair of parents wants to give children who, through no fault of their own, have to grow up without their biological parents, without a loving home that provides everything they need.

Not only clean clothes and regular meals are important, the children long for affection, confirmation and reliability of the parents who take over this task.

If all this is given and conveyed with love and affection, then the children will have a childhood that they deserve.

On 22.12.2020 the family moved into the house, which will be their new home for up to 12 orphans

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