Stiftung Die Brücke zum Leben

Children's Home in Iepureni

In the middle of the southern tip of Moldova, close to the border with Romania, lies the small village of Iepureni.

Exactly in this place a young family decided to take on a task for life, to dedicate themselves to the needy children, to care for them and to love them. This is the core purpose of the foundation DIE BRÜCKE ZUM LEBEN. And when a suitable plot of land was found and acquired, the construction work began.

The emergence of a large children's house, which will become a home for up to 12 orphans, was observed with amazement. The builders invested a lot of effort and energy in making it a stable, reliable building.

Thus, the parents who moved into this house on 17.12.2020 will also invest a lot of effort and energy to provide a stable and reliable family for the children.

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