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Present with Heart


Would you also like to help an orphan in one of the children's homes
with the help of a Christmas package, to experience a long awaited and happy Christmas?

How it works:
Please pack your package according to our official packing list. A cardboard box with the size 38 x 25 x 15 cm is ideal. If required, we are also happy to provide empty cartons. However, these must be collected from us on site in Rahden itself.
Please do NOT glue up the packages, they will be taped closed in the foundation.
If necessary, mark with boy or girl (possibly also age).

Packing List:
• Toy or stuffed animal (new)
• toothpaste and toothbrush
• a towel approx. 50x100 cm
• coloring book/-pad, crayons
• college notebook squared DIN A4
• cocoa powder (approx. 800g)
• sweets (approx. 350g)
• Chocolate (approx. 200g)
• Chocolate spread (approx. 400g)
• Gingerbread or cookies (approx. 500g)

All foods should have a shelf life
at least until the end of March 2024.


Please buy and pack as accurately as possible according to the packing list. Because the packing list helps us to treat all children equally and also takes into account applicable customs regulations. Until December 10th you have the opportunity to bring your package to the collection point and give an orphan a Christmas present.

> Download flyer

You don't have the possibility to pack yourself? We will gladly do it for you.
With a donation you can help to give orphans presents at Christmas.

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